Private Shooting Tuition

Tuition provided on a group/individual basis tailored to client(s) requirements by qualified professional trainers.


Introductory tuition for complete novices advancing to those more experienced shots wishing to improve their skills. Age range from youngsters to senior citizens. Smaller calibre shotguns and low recoil cartridges are matched to novice clients to afford a comfortable, positive introduction to shooting. Youngsters do need to be of sufficient stature however to lift and handle the shotgun comfortably. We will be happy to discuss and advise you accordingly. Basic lessons begin at £55/session (Mobile option we can travel to you – travelling expenses may be incurred dependent upon location of client).

Why not bring a group and have-a-go at £25/person? Minimum group size 6.

Tuition, loading, double-gunning provided for those wishing to participate in clay target shooting and/or live quarry in “the field”. Male and female instructors/loaders available to assist.

1 to 1 “on the peg” tuition provided for field sportsmen/women.
Caters for newcomers and those more experienced clients wishing to improve their shooting technique.


Ladies Days

An ideal present or opportunity for ladies to participate in an introduction to shotgun shooting. Increasingly popular as a leisure activity – why not give it a go? Join other newcomers in a friendly and supportive environment for a new, exciting experience. Smaller calibre guns suited to the client by qualified experienced coaches to ensure you have a safe, positive and enjoyable time. Refreshments & lunch provided. Minimum group size 6 to ensure the day runs.

Taking the next step?

We have associates providing superb quality game days with assistance and loading available. Contact us to provide you with a memorable introduction to game shooting with warm, friendly folk and stunning estates to choose from. 1 to a full team of guns provided for at venues throughout the UK.