• Personal introduction to countrysports
  • Lantra Awards Shotgun Coach Award Level 1

Personal introduction to countrysports

Wishing to participate in countrysports and unsure where to start? We can offer you an introduction to a variety of countryside activities throughout the country:

  • clay shooting;
  • game shooting – pheasant, partridge, grouse;
  • rifle shooting – target, deer stalking;
  • falconry;
  • fly-fishing;
  • horse riding
  • archery and more.

If you wish to further your interest in a sport(s) of your choice we have experienced, competent team who can advise you on clothing, equipment, ettiquette and coaching in your chosen discipline.

We have a broad range of contacts situated in beautiful locations throughout Britain. Why not experience something you’ve always wished to have-a-go at,or, something completely new?

Lantra Awards Shotgun Coach Awards

Lantra Awards provides individuals with the opportunity to gain a recognised shotgun coaching qualification within the land-based sector progressing from a basic coaching Level 1 award.

Level 1:

  • Shotgun Coaching

This is a Level 1 course and very little or no previous experience of coaching is expected of candidates. Candidates may progress into basic coaching or training roles as part of a clearly defined work role within a supervised shooting ground or school environment. The minimum age to enroll on this course is 16.

What can you achieve?

The aim of the assessment is to ensure quality training and any successful candidate has the understanding and ability to operate and use equipment as appropriate within a competent working environment, in a manner that promotes and maintains the highest standards of operational safety. It should be impressed on candidates that only experience and practice will enable them to manage a firearm and operate safely in a range of working situations and avoid undue risks.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Safe shotgun handling (shotgun coaching)
  • The shotgun
  • The shotgun cartridge
  • Understanding shotgun performance
  • Cleaning and maintenance – shotgun
  • The role of the shotgun coach
  • The basic shooting lesson 1
  • Basic health and safety and shotgun use
  • Wider safety considerations related to the coaching process
  • Basic shooting lesson – practical
  • Action planning