Professional Loading Services

Clients catered for in the Field

Available locally or nationally, a diverse range of ‘shots’ are catered for with equal care and attention to ensure the clients’ day is safe, enjoyable and maximised to the full. From accompanying a novice’s first shoot day, encompassing etiquette ‘in the field’; shoot protocol; to tipping the keeper or, to loading/double-gunning for an experienced shot and assisting with confidence building on testing birds. Guns and equipment may be provided if required.

To optimise your day to the full, novices would benefit from a pre-shoot day which A L Rural can organise for you or consider on a personal level or attending our Lantra Awards shotgun courses at novice or more experienced level. This will provide you with a good grounding in safe use and handling, building on efficient contact with targets in order to move on to live quarry with confidence.


Checking master eye; gun fit; stance; gun mount and building the clients’ confidence; style and technique with routine gun safety. This generates accuracy; consistency and promote an increasingly enjoyable shooting experience. A range of advice can be provided from suitable clothing; understanding the management of the countryside in which you are standing; to, relevant etiquette.